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Normal body temperature: Children and adults

Normal body temperature varies according to age, gender, and activity level. Read this article to know more about normal body temperature.

What is the normal body temperature of kids and adults?

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  |  2 Dec 2020 8:25 AM GMT

What is the normal body temperature of a person?

The normal body temperature of a person is 98.6°F. However, a bit high or low degree does not always mean that you are ill. It varies depending on age and various activity levels.

Through this article, you'll know about the normal body temperature of both adults and kids.

Following are the chart of average body temperature according to age:


Average body temperature

Baby and children

97.9°F (36.6°C) to 99°F (37.2°C)


7°F (36.1°C) to 99°F (37.2°C)

Adults over 65

Below 98.6°F (37°C)

Factors for variation in body temperature:

• Age and gender

• What time of day

• Physical activity

• Consumption of drinks and food

• Monthly menstrual cycle (female)

• Where is it measured? Whether oral, rectal, or underarms.

Normal body temperature for adults:

When measured orally, the normal body heat range from 97.6–99.6°F. When measured rectally, it ranges from 98.6–100.6°F. When measured underarms, it ranges from 95.3–98.4°F. However, the outcome can differ according to the various sources of measurement.

Normal body temperature for kids:

Sometimes babies' body heat is higher than adults'. A newborn's normal temperature is 99.5°F.

When measured orally, the normal body temperature for kids ranges from 95.9–99.5°F. When measured rectally, it ranges from 97.9–100.4°F. When measured underarms, it ranges from 94.5–99.1°F.

When children and adults catch fever?

For adults:

An adult catches fever when the temperature ranges from 100.4 to 104°F. It is something serious when the temperature is above 104°F or less than 95°F.

Symptoms of fever:

  1. Sweating
  2. Shivering
  3. Body pain
  4. Fatigue
  5. Dehydrated.

For children:

Children ages from 3 months to 3 years old catch fever when the temperature is over 102.2°F.


• Dehydration

• Feeling of puking

• Dizziness

For babies:

If your newborn is having a temperature above 100.4°F then immediately seek a doctor.


• Constantly puking

• Dried mouth

• Crying loudly

• No appetite.

• Skin rash.

Here are some best methods to measure the temperature depending on age:

Age group


0 to 3 months


3 months to 3 years

Rectal, ear or armpit

4 to 5 years

Oral, Rectal, ear, armpit

5 years to adult

Oral, ear or armpit



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