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People consider South-facing houses as inauspicious but it is not so. If Vaastu rules are followed, South-facing houses can give excellent results. Also according to astrology, they are not bad for all the horoscopes. For people born under certain Moon signs, South-facing houses yield good results. Let us see what astrology says about Vaastu luck for different horoscopes.

ARIES: South-facing houses are very lucky for Mesh Rashi (Aries) people. They add special fillip to the personality of the Aries people.

TAURUS (Vrishav): However, South-facing houses are not good for Vrish Rashi (Taurus). They tend to spend more in such houses and end up in the financial red as a result. They have to strengthen their North and Northeast and appease Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi.

MITHUN RASHI (GEMINI): People born under the sign Gemini (Mithun) face health problems in the house which faces the South. They have to take care of their water bodies along with other Vaastu parameters properly.

CANCER (KARKAT RASHI): The Cancerians enjoy life in South-facing houses. They get social recognition and growth in career through promotions. They gain lot of name and fame.

LEO (SIMHA RASHI): People born under the sign Leo get property and luck by living in South-facing houses. They become able to buy more properties in due course of time.

Virgo (KANYA RASHI): People born under the sign Virgo should refrain from living in South-facing houses. Luck is never on their side and they might have to face various problems in different areas.


LIBRA (TULA RASHI): Tula rashi people live a mediocre life in South-facing houses. They do not gain much or lose anything in such houses. They live an average life.

SCORPION (VRISCHIK RASHI): South facing houses are very lucky for people born under Vrischik sign. They gain self confidence and earn fame and respect from society.

SAGITTARIUS (DHANU RASHI): For people born under the sign Sagittarius (Dhanu), South-facing houses prove to be very good. Children living in such house acquire higher education and become famous through academics.

AQUARIUS(MAKAR RASHI): People born under the sign Aquarius get mixed results by living in South-facing houses. They acquire wealth and property but their character do not get improved and as a result they do not get the desired respect in the society.

CAPRICORN (KUMBH RASHI): Life becomes a struggle in south facing houses for people born under the Capricorn. They face difficulties in almost all fields of life.

PISCES (MEEN RASHI): Meen rashi people are very lucky in South-facing houses. Lady Luck smiles on them and they get unexpected wealth or growth in career.

A TIP: NEVER keep milk in open condition. Always keep it in a closed or covered container


Trees are worshipped in India since Vedic times as they provide us shelter, food, fuel, and oxygen for living. In the Rigveda and the Atharveda some trees are deifined as "Vriksha Devta" which are considered to be holy and the people ought to worship them. The Pipal, Banyan, Goolar, Amla, Vilva, Sandal, Neem, Mango, and Babool are some of the trees that are worshipped in India.

Vaastu has specified several trees to be kept in the compound. But big trees should not be planted in the Northeast, North or East. Big and healthy trees are good sources of bioplasmic energy. We can get energized by resting and doing deep breathing under big trees. Lord Buddha attained salvation under a Pipal tree which is known as the Boddhi Vriksha.

Married Hindu ladies worship the Banyan tree for a long and happy married life.

Lord Shiva patronizes the Vilva (Wood apple or Bel) tree as the only tree, which has three, leaves that sprout together like a trident. The juice of the leaves is a medicine for Diabetics, and the pulp of the fruit is supposed to stop diarrhea. It is said that the Bel fruit was a favorite of Lord Shiva. The Asoka tree is known to relieve the worries of the persons sitting under its shade. Sita is said to have been seated under an Asoka tree in Lanka during her captivity.

The Hindus also worship the Kadam tree, because Shree Krishna used to sit and play under this tree. We know about the ayurvedic properties of Amla. Rishi Chyavan patronized the Amla tree for rejuvenating properties.

The Tulsi or basil plant has a special mention in vaastu. According to scientists, the place containing tulsi plant becomes pollution free. The oil of the leaves is capable of destroying bacteria and insects. The leaves have mercury traces and are used in Ayurveda for cancer. The juice of the leaves cures bronchitis and stomach problems. Tulsi leaves' juice is good for all skin diseases and it is commonly used with honey and ginger for cough and common cold. Dried branches of the tulsi plant are used as puja items.

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