New Delhi: Haldwani Violence Erupts Over Madrasa Demolition, Curfew Imposed

Uttarakhand riots continue as violent clashes broke out following the demolition of an illegal madrasa
New Delhi: Haldwani Violence Erupts Over Madrasa Demolition, Curfew Imposed

NEW DELHI: Violent clashes broke out on the streets of Uttarakhand’s Haldwani following the demolition of an illegal madrasa. The active vandalism aimed at reclaiming government land allegedly encroached upon in the madrassa, caused widespread unrest in the area.

Security officials faced fierce resistance as they tried to enforce the court-ordered demolition, and police resorted to tear gas to disperse the crowd in response to rocks falling on roofs a obviously they hide things from him. Five people were tragically injured as a result of the violence, and more than 100 security personnel were injured. Moreover, several government officials, city employees and journalists were caught in the shooting.

The situation was aggravated by the burning of vehicles outside the police station, adding to the violence. Responding to the violence, the authorities detained about 50 people allegedly involved in the violence and registered cases against 5,000 anonymous persons.

Speaking on the gravity of the situation, Uttarakhand Police Chief Abhinav Kumar vowed to take stern action against Uttarakhand police officials including implementing the National Security Act against criminals who attack police on.

Later on when curfew was imposed in the violence-hit Ban Bhulpura area, authorities gradually lifted restrictions in outlying areas, although heavy policing continued to prevent further violence Despite the initial violence, there was calm in Banbhulpura in the days that followed, with no further violence reported on Friday and Saturday but remnants of trouble lingered as curfew remained in place in the affected area.

Efforts to restore normalcy continued with CM Pushkar Singh Dhami visiting Haldwani to assess the situation and meet the injured. Calling the violence a “planned attack”, CM Dhami condemned the brutality towards the parliamentarians and stressed the need to preserve the country’s reputation for social cohesion.

As the situation normalises in Haldwani, the focus shifts to reconciliation and rebuilding trust among the community, as officials work tirelessly to ensure peace and stability in the region.

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