Uttarakhand: Tragic Loss in Haridwar as Superstitious Belief Leads to Child's Death in Ganga River

An unfortunate incident in Haridwar as a seven-year-old succumbs during a ritual believed to cure cancer in the Ganga River.
Uttarakhand: Tragic Loss in Haridwar as Superstitious Belief Leads to Child's Death in Ganga River

HARIDWAR: In a heartbreaking incident in Haridwar on Wednesday, a seven-year-old boy lost his life due to a misguided superstition held by his parents. The child, battling blood cancer, fell victim to a ritualistic dip in the Ganga River, as his parents clung to the belief that it could cure his ailment.

The tragic event unfolded at the revered Har ki Pauri, where the parents, accompanied by an aunt, engaged in chanting mantras while subjecting the ailing child to repeated dips in the sacred river. Ignoring the child's desperate cries, the aunt continued the ritual until he suffocated and drowned.

Bystanders at the scene attempted to intervene, pleading with the woman to cease the dangerous act. However, she remained obstinate, disregarding the pleas for mercy. Eyewitnesses promptly reported the distressing incident to the police, leading to the detention of the grieving parents and the aunt for interrogation.

According to the Station House Officer (SHO) of the Har ki Pauri police station, Bhavna Kainthola, the child had been residing in Delhi with his parents and was grappling with the challenges of blood cancer. The cause of death was confirmed as drowning, highlighting the tragic consequences of the misguided attempt to seek a cure through a superstitious ritual.

While the grief-stricken parents hoped for a miracle cure, the fatal outcome underscores the importance of seeking medical interventions based on scientific evidence. The authorities are conducting a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the incident, shedding light on the dangers of relying on unfounded beliefs when it comes to matters of life and death.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for public awareness and education on critical health issues. Superstitions, though deeply ingrained in certain communities, should not compromise the well-being and lives of vulnerable individuals. As the investigation unfolds, it prompts reflection on the role of society in promoting evidence-based healthcare over traditional practices that can prove perilous, especially in critical medical situations.


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