Pathetic road condition

I would like to bring to your kind notice the miserable condition of road in my locality, Juripar, near Kabarstan, Sommonoy Path. The road in this area is kutcha and broken at many places. There is no smooth run for the transport. The buses, trucks, cars, three-wheelers and two-wheerlers have to halt after every five-six minutes just to adjust with the road breaks and potholes. It has been repeatedly brought to the notice of local municipality office, but all in vain. The first showers of approaching monsoon will put the things in worst shape. The residents are in deep distress and have repeatedly expressed their resentment through press as well as through written complaints but nothing has been done so far. People have also staged demonstrations last month.  The local authorities assured to take necessary action. So far, all the assurances are in vain as no action has been taken. I therefore request the powers-be to get the roads constructed and repaired without any further delay lest the anger of the public should explode.

Asmi Kait Ali,
Juripar, Guwahati-22.

Collect tax but don’t terrorise taxpayers

Press report says ‘Collect Tax But Don’t Terrorise Taxpayers’. Post the  demonitisation of notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, sending income tax notices or asking depositors to comply with response on website for their explation is an absurd proposition. Undoubtedly, black money must be dealt strictly but attitude of income tax department –treating practically all citizens as tax evaders and black money hoarders is uncalled for. Wait and watch policy must be adopted till the filing of  their income tax returns. Let them treat their deposits as per their facts – if it is so called their black money – let them pay tax on their own if not let them show tax free or capital accumulated over decades in cash even. Trust tax payers, it is not necessary that cash in huge amounts is all their black money. Indian mentality and way of living is to keep huge cash in hand (taxes paid)  also it is due to obvious practical reasons. The Income Tax  department must accept this attitude of its citizens. In any case, for all cash deposited in bank – let the tax payers decide how to show it in their income tax returns and pay income tax on their own if due on it.  Make such necessary coloumn if needed be in the income tax returns forms only. Once the income tax return is  filed and tax is paid, then select cases for scrutiny – further questions etc if Income Tax department is not satisfied with their cash deposit declaration in their tax returns. Who is stopping the Income Tax department from issuing notices / ask clarifications on after filing of their tax returns?

The present attitude and behaviour of  terrorising citizens  on tax matters must be stopped at any cost. Unnecessarily tax payers / citizens are not horrified from Income Tax department – there are valid reasons -experiences by almost all tax payers and citizens for such an uncalled for behaviour and treatment to tax payers by the department.

M. Kumar,
B-49, Gulmohar Park,
New Delhi-110 049.