ASG Eye Care clinic

The ASG Eye Care clinic was established near Pantaloon (Shopping Mall) – GS Road, Rukminigaon. However, through you esteemed column, I want to highlight some of its features for the public at large.

Firstly, ASG at Rukminigaon is only a link in the chain of ASG clinics around the country. The owner of the hospital belongs to Rajasthan. The doctors are alumnis of AIIMS. Of course, there is nothing wrong in it. However, doctors’ credibility would be judged by their performances and attitude shown towards each and every patient. Definitely some extra weightage could have been given to them if they are the working doctors of AIIMS. But they are not. We have  numbers of good eye specialists in Guwahati itself passed out from Guwahati Medical College and from AMC. Doctors, nurses and attendants of ASG are Assamese. But nurses/attendants speak in Hindi. One of my friends, who went to the clinic, could not resist asking a doctor, why Assamese nurses can’t speak in Assamese. The doctor replied that this system is being carried out as per the instruction of their magement. Now my question is whether the same magement can dare to pass such atrocious instructions in southern states and in West Bengal? People outside the State know us as a weak community. As such, everybody wants to axe us. Rise Assamese, rise!! The ground below your feet is slipping out very fast!

Deepak Majumder,
Rukminigaon, G.S.Road,