Some empathy please!

We human beings have been made by God; we are shaped according to His whim. There are those considered normal, while others are differently abled. This is also His wish. I would like to mention the community of eunuchs who are laughed at by so-called normal people. While going to office every day, I see eunuchs standing at Lachit gar, who board the buses asking people for money. It is heart-rending to see such members of the ‘third gender’ suffering from economic insecurity, despite the courts and the government making efforts to stop discrimition against them. For the common eunuch, there are very few avenues to earn a decent living. If we are not able to lend a helping hand, the least we can do is not to mock them heartlessly. If even for a few moments we reflect upon the pains of those born into one gender but  knowing themselves to belong to the other, we would be more sensitive to their plight.

Mohua Chakraborty,

Eviction & rehabilitation

Ever since Assam was devastated by the great earthquake, taking away the lives of many in 1950, it left behind many ill effects that still impact the people directly or indirectly. For instance, the river-beds in the State became shallow including that of the mighty Brahmaputra; consequently in summer, the rivers overflow, destructive floods engulf the people in the vicinity and erosion takes frightening form rendering many indigenous people homeless. Year after year, successive Congress-led State governments remained mute spectators, doing nothing for the rehabilitation of these hapless people taking shelter on embankments. We noticed that a good chunk of reserve lands not excluding the Kaziranga tiol Park have been occupied illegally by myriad of infiltrators coming through porous Bangladesh border. When some of these land grabbers are evicted by the present State government, both Congress and AIUDF MLAs shout in the Assembly against the eviction. It is axiomatic that these dubious citizens are a source of votes for these two parties. Why don’t they talk of the rehabilitation of all those indigenous people rendered homeless due to erosion? We appeal to the Sarbanda Sonowal-led State government to arrange for rehabilitating these indigenous people regardless of their religion. AIUDF and Congress would do well to ponder over the alarming rise of Muslim population in certain districts of Assam due to incessant infiltration from Bangladesh.

Ashok Bordoloi,