Assam: Assam's Kaji Nemu Named State Fruit, Marks Milestone with London Export

The recognition highlights the rich aroma and flavor of the citrus lemon, symbolizing a significant achievement for Assam's culinary heritage.
Assam: Assam's Kaji Nemu Named State Fruit, Marks Milestone with London Export

ASSAM: Assam's agricultural scenerio is buzzing high with pride of the famous Local Lemon commonly known as "Kazi Nemu" which been crowned the seed of the state. The news announced recently by State Agriculture Minister Atul Bora in a spirited announcement.

The flavourful aroma and the rich taste of citrus lemon highlights the global recognition that symbolizes a significant achievement for the culinary heritage of Assam. It has also made our lemons popular worldwide and enhancing our visibility of agricultural products.

Assam Legislative Assembly marked the announcement was made in the recent budget session that signaled the emergence of Assam's agricultural aspirations. Expressing the delight over recognition of Assam’s very own Kaji Nemu, Minister Bora shared the news through social media platform. Chief Minister announced that the Assam lemon is enriched with antioxidant properties and distinctive aroma that makes it special and well known to the masses.

He also stressed the importance of taking a decision to upgrade the local grown food i.e pulses, vegetables, exotic fruits etc. CM further explained the potential of this recognition to raise Assam’s agricultural output to the global level, making the state self-reliant by ushering productivity.

Geographical Identification tagged Assam lemon is distinguished by its unique size and the characterictics of being cluster bearing and seedless fruits of 9-12 segments. This recognition further celebrates yet another achievement that has been declared on December 2023, where up 5,000 lemons from Assam have exported to London, UK making the it's entry into the international markets.

Agriculture Minister Mr. Atul Bora in a recently held ceremony successfully symbolized the country’s commitment to promote its unique agricultural products globally. This feat is positively based on the previous export from December 2020 to January 2021, where almost 6 metric tons of different lemon varieties made way successfully to the Europe marketplace.

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