Assam: Chief Conservator of Forests for Dima Hasao Suspended for Disobeying Government Orders

Tungnung, who was transferred to the position of Field Director at the Manas Tiger Reserve, allegedly disregarded government orders mandating his immediate assumption of duties in his new role.
Chief Conservator of Forests

GUWAHATI: The Assam Government’s Environment and Forest Department has suspended Chief Conservator of Forests (CCF) Muanthang Tungnung for defiance of official orders. The action follows Tungnung’s failure to assume his duties as the newly appointed Field Director of the Manas Tiger Reserve, flouting directives that required immediate compliance.

According to the official order issued by the department, Tungnung, an Indian Forest Service officer, was relieved of his responsibilities as Chief Conservator of Forests for Dima Hasao district and additionally as Chief Conservator of Forests for Southern Assam Circle, Silchar. Despite these transfers detailed in notifications dated February 13, 2024, and March 16, 2024, respectively, Tungnung did not adhere to the mandated timeline for joining his new post at the Manas Tiger Reserve.

The government’s order emphasized that all transfer and posting directives must be implemented within a week of receipt, a protocol designed to ensure smooth administrative transitions and operational continuity within forest management. Tungnung’s non-compliance with these regulations prompted immediate disciplinary action, resulting in his suspension with immediate effect.

During the period of suspension, Tungnung has been instructed to report to the Office of the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF in Panjabari, Guwahati. Meanwhile, to maintain operational stability at the Manas Tiger Reserve, Dr. C Ramesh has been appointed as the new Field Director, succeeding Tungnung.

The swift and stringent action by the Assam Government underscores its commitment to enforcing administrative discipline and adherence to established protocols within the forest management sector. The appointment of Dr. C Ramesh aims to ensure uninterrupted leadership and effective conservation efforts at one of Assam’s key wildlife reserves, the Manas Tiger Reserve.

The suspension of Muanthang Tungnung serves as a reminder of the importance of compliance with governmental directives and the accountability expected from officials entrusted with crucial environmental stewardship roles.


Chief Conservator of Forests
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