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Assam Govt Releases SOP for Prevention of Black Fungus in the State

A large number of Black Fungus cases have been reported from other parts of the country and there is a likelihood of an increase in the number of such cases in Assam

Assam Govt Releases SOP for Prevention of Black Fungus in the State

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  10 Jun 2021 11:38 AM GMT

GUWAHATI: The Assam State Health and Family Welfare Department have issued a Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) for the prevention of Mucormycosis in the state of Assam.

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As per the directive, it stated that some suspected cases of MUCOR MYCOSIS (Black fungus) have been detected in the state, and

Whereas a large number of similar cases have been reported from other parts of the country and

Whereas there is a likelihood of an increase in the number of such cases in the near future.

Therefore in order to prevent such cases of MUCOR MYCOSIS (Black fungus) COVID patients, the Standard Operating Procedure for Prevention of Mucormycosis in the state of Assam is notified with immediate effect in order to bring awareness amongst the people for steps to be taken for its prevention and to contain the further spread of the disease

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e strategies

1. Early identification of COVID/Non-COVID patients at risk for Mucormycosis including patients with Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus (especially having Diabetic Ketoacidosis), Neutroperuc patients with a history of frequent blood transfusion( may lead to increase free iron in the blood) any immune suppressant state and those into long-standing chronic issues including kidney diseases and subsequent follow up must be ensured

2. Injudicious use of Steroids and Broad Spectrum Antibiotics I prophylactic Anhfungal particularly Vonconazole must be avoided at all costs

3 Possible sources of Mucormycetes in the hospital environment like Damp wall and floor. AC filters Old food matenals. Any organic materials. Soiled and contaminated linens including bandage etc. Soiled and contaminated mask. Equipment and devices used for patient care, Contaminated oxygen Cylinder, and its accessories. Humidifiers, Leakage in water pipes, etc should be specifically checked frequently to avoid any occurrence of mucormycosis.

4 Accordingly the following actions must be taken strictly in all health institutions

a Regular cleaning and wet mopping of ICU wards and hospital premises at least two times a day

b No food materials should be kept inside the hospital Premises for more than one hour

c Hospital environment should be free of all organic materials.

d Regular cleaning and changing of equipment and devices.

e. AC filters have to be cleaned at least monthly in the ICU

f Oxygen cylinders including accessories have to be cleaned before taking into hospital premises

g Daily decontaminate delivery tubes and masks

h Daily disinfect and refill humidifier Humidifier bottles must be changed once in a week for the same patient and in between patients Only STERILE waters to be used in the humidifiers

I Humidifier bottle must be cleaned with mild detergent and hot water using a small brush and dry

J Weekly cleaning of the cylinder valve and flowmeter

k Nasal cannula to be changed in 2-4 weeks

Patient's care:

1 There should be a dedicated ward for Mucormycosis Patients A separate waste disposal mechanism has to be in place

2. A multi-specialty team, that includes specialists from Oro-Facial maxillary, ENT, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, and plastic surgery should be ready for immediate surgery as debridement tissue is the only confirmatory treatment.

3 All high-risk patients who had steroid treatment should be subjected to baseline Neutrophil count and then every third day until discharge. In case the Count less than normal, they should be screened for any fungal infections

4 The use of prophylactic antifungal particularly Vonconazole has to be restricted

5 The use of Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics has to restrict and judiciously administered.

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