Assam: Gunotsav 2024 Kicks Off in Dibrugarh District

Three-day educational extravaganza 'Gunotsav 2024' commences in Dibrugarh, assessing 1620 students across various schools.
Assam: Gunotsav 2024 Kicks Off in Dibrugarh District

DIBRUGARH: Dibrugarh district inaugurated the three-day 'Gunotsav 2024' today, a comprehensive evaluation initiative encompassing 1620 school students. The ambitious project aims to assess a staggering total of 1 lakh 28 thousand students during its duration.

The meticulous planning for Gunotsav 2024 has been underway, with the exclusion rating for schools already determined, and students primed for evaluation. The festival is not only a platform for assessing academic performance but also a testament to the commitment to excellence in education.

Gunotsav 2024 is hosted at Duliabam Bongali LP School under the Khowang education block, other schools in the district are actively participating. This collaborative approach ensures a well-rounded representation of the educational landscape in Dibrugarh.

Gunotsav 2024 adheres strictly to all government directives, ensuring that the event is conducted with the highest standards of safety and compliance. This commitment to following guidelines reflects the responsible approach taken by the organizers to create a secure environment for both students and participants.

The overwhelming support from parents and local communities further underscores the significance of Gunotsav in the educational landscape of Dibrugarh. The involvement of parents and locals reflects a shared commitment to the holistic development of students and the overall improvement of the education system.

As the festival unfolds over the next three days, it is expected to not only evaluate academic achievements but also serve as a platform for discussions on innovative teaching methodologies, addressing challenges, and fostering a collaborative approach towards improving the educational ecosystem in Dibrugarh.

Gunotsav 2024 is more than just an assessment; it is a celebration of education, a collaborative effort to nurture and empower the future generation. With its comprehensive evaluation and community support, this initiative is poised to leave a lasting impact on the educational landscape of Dibrugarh, setting the stage for continued excellence and progress in the years to come.

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