Assam: Hailakandi SS College Hosts Special Awareness Program

The District Transport Department joins SS College for a crucial road safety initiative, addressing students and officials.
Assam: Hailakandi SS College Hosts Special Awareness Program

HAILAKANDI: To promote road safety and prevent accidents, the District Transport Department organized a special awareness program at Hailakandi SS College. The initiative targeted college students, aiming to instill essential road safety rules and principles.

District Transport Officer Rupmili Terangpi, DSP (Prof) Haricharan Bhumiz, civilian Hiralal Debnath, College Lecturer Tajuddin Khan, transport inspector Parag Soikia, and journalist Nilotpol Deb were among the officials who actively participated. They engaged in discussions covering essential measures to maintain road safety, focusing on the five road safety principles.

As part of the ongoing Road Safety Month celebration, awareness campaigns have been launched across various locations in the district, Terangpi informed. The specific focus of the event at SS College was to analyze the causes behind accidents involving students and strategize preventive measures.

DSP Haricharan Bhumiz shed light on the significant fines collected by the Hailakandi Police Department in 2023, totaling nearly two and a half crores for traffic law violations. He emphasized that the primary objective is not just revenue collection but strict adherence to traffic laws to prevent accidents and financial losses.

Professor Tajuddin Khan stressed the crucial role of obeying traffic signals in accident prevention. He commended Transport Minister Parimal Suklabaidya's initiatives, such as organizing bike rallies in 126 constituencies, to garner public support for road safety. Khan highlighted the positive impact of awareness programs in educational institutions, contributing to declining accidents statewide.

Khan stated that accidents can be significantly reduced if college students conscientiously follow fundamental road safety rules. Throughout the event, citizen Hiralal Debnath underscored the importance of traffic signals and urged strict adherence.

The collaborative efforts of the District Transport Department, college officials, and local citizens reflect a community-driven commitment to fostering a safer road environment. By emphasizing education and awareness, the initiative aspires to create a lasting impact on the road safety culture in Hailakandi.

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