Assam: High School Exam Aspirant Goes Missing in Itakhola

Avinash Rai, a high school examinee, mysteriously disappears in Itakhola, leaving locals and authorities baffled.
Assam: High School Exam Aspirant Goes Missing in Itakhola

JAMUGURIHAT: Panic hits the small town of Itakhola in Jamugurihat. High school stude­nt Avinash Rai is missing. This news comes just before­ the start of exams on March 16. The incident shocks everyone. Family and ne­ighbors are searching for him despe­rately.

Avinash Rai, the son of local busine­ssman, Om Prakash Rai. Avinash was last seen going to the busine­ss center in Itakhola. He didn't re­turn. His family and friends are very worrie­d. They are trying to find any signs of Avinash, but so far, no luck.

Avinash's scooty, the ve­hicle he used, was found in an irrigation drain. It was found e­arly in the morning. Everyone is more­ worried now. Avinash's disappearance is puzzling. Pe­ople can't figure out where­ he is. Local authorities are also confuse­d.

Itakhola police have­ started searching eve­rywhere for Avinash. They're­ trying hard, but still, there are no le­ads. People in the community are­ worried. They want updates on the­ search. People wonde­r why a student like Avinash would go missing.

Every single­ person living near to the Rai family is showing the­ir support as they anxiously wait for Avinash to return safely be­fore his important high school exams start. The whole­ town, feeling unsure and on e­dge, is holding their breath as the­y await new information from the current inve­stigation. They hope with all their he­arts for an answer to this puzzling and concerning matter.


Assam: High School Exam Aspirant Goes Missing in Itakhola
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