Assam: Mamata Banerjee Promises No CAA, NRC Under INDI Alliance Rule

Assam: Mamata Banerjee Promises No CAA, NRC Under INDI Alliance Rule

TMC Leader Assures Assam Residents of Anti-NRC, CAA Stand if Opposition Coalition Wins

ASSAM: In a fiery campaign speech inside the Town Club playground in Silchar, West Bengal Chief Minister and All India Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee vowed that if the Indi Alliance won the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The Indy Alliance is a multi-party opposition coalition led by the Indian National Congress, of which the TMC is a key member.

Mamata Banerjee’s assurance directly targets the concerns of Assam, which has historically been responsible for cases of illegal migration from Bangladesh. The promise that fits well with one of the key promises mentioned in the AITC report, which aims to abolish the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

In her enthusiastic speech, Banerjee criticized the ruling Modi government, calling it a "jumlebaaz" regime that suppresses conflict and undermines democratic freedoms. He accused the government of creating divisions among citizens in pursuit of power, stressing that the upcoming elections were not only about party politics but about protecting democracy and freedom in the country.

Mamata Banerjee's speech also highlighted upon the local violence in Manipur and thereby criticized the BJP government for its apparent indifference to the plight of the affected communities in the state of Manipur. Banerjee also addressed and warned the voters not to expect meaningful changes under Modi's leadership and stressed the need for a united protest against what is described as an "oppressive and undemocratic" regime.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Assam are poised to be a major battleground, as the Banerjee-Indi alliance struggles for power against the current BJP-led government. Banerjee’s vow to scrap the CAA and put an end to the NRC has given a new impetus to her campaign, which resonates particularly strongly with voters in Assam, who see these issues as central to their state’s identity and future.

The AITC leader’s visit to Assam coincides with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign efforts in the state. Targeting Modi directly, Banerjee expressed doubts about the commitment to delivering justice and said marginalized communities were still suffering under the government rule.

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