Margherita: AASU Protests State Government's Move to Introduce English Medium for Maths and Science

All Assam Student Union stages demonstrations against decision, citing concerns over the impact on regional languages
Margherita: AASU Protests State Government's Move to Introduce English Medium for Maths and Science

MARGHERITA: In a strong show of protest, the All Assam Student Union (AASU) organized a protest in Margherita under Tinsukia district on January 24, vehemently opposing the state government's recent decision to implement English as the medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science from class 6 onwards. The move, intended to bridge educational gaps, has sparked outrage among AASU members, who argue that it poses a threat to the growth and preservation of Assamese, Bodo, and other indigenous languages.

Members of the Margherita District Students Union, who raised issues against the government, expressed concern over the decision, saying that the introduction of English in vernacular schools across the country would affect local languages ​​in the way a negative so.

The protesters and senior members of the Tinsukia district student union alleged that such a move could damage the cultural and linguistic identity of Assam. Rupam Baruah, Executive Member, Tinsukia District Students' Union announced that, under the aegis of ASU, a nationwide agitation would be launched to ban Assamese, Bodo and other vernacular languages ​​as the medium of instruction in government schools in the whole of Assam

"To voice our dissent, a cycle rally is scheduled in Margherita on January 27, followed by protest rallies on February 1. On February 5, effigies of State Education Minister Dr. Ranoj Pegu will be burned, and a 13-hour hunger strike program is planned for February 10," revealed Rupam Baruah during a media briefing.

Protesters commented that the government’s decision not only undermines access to education but also threatens languages ​​that play an important role in Assam’s culture. As tensions mount, the ASU-led movement is poised to become the centerpiece of opposition to what it perceives to be a threat to the region’s linguistic heritage. The government’s response to these concerns is eagerly awaited as the country moves between language, education and cultural identity.

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