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South Salmara Healthcare Sub-Centre Catering to Over One lakh People Running With Just One Doctor

Almost 8 lakh people depend on this healthcare sub-centre which gets power only for 2 hours. The DG set is non-functional, ambulances have turned into junk

South Salmara Healthcare Sub-Centre Catering to Over One lakh People Running With Just One Doctor

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Hatsingimari: At a time when Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma is taking steps to introduce many hospitals and develop healthcare projects across the state, people of Kalapani in South Salamara has just one healthcare sub-centre. This sub-centre lacks proper medical equipment and has only one doctor who attends to patients as well as does administrative work of the hospital.

The colour of the ambulances parked outside the hospital turned green from white due to the gathering of moss. The ambulances have not been used since 2016 as there are no drivers. The DG is no more functional and the sub-centre gets electricity for just two hours. This has been creating a lot of problem in case of delivery cases and other emergencies.

The locals of the area said that the condition of the hospital is so poor that if any emergency medical condition arises, they have to take the patients either to Goalpara or Guwahati for better treatment in a private vehicle as the ambulance service has stopped.

"We use thelas (hand-pulled carts), rickshaws to ferry patients as the ambulance service is not available. We also want more doctors as there is only one doctor in this sub-centre.

Now the locals are raising questions. They are saying that if the government is focusing on development of hospitals and healthcare facilities in other parts of the state then why is government not focusing on places like Kalapani. Locals are also saying that the government is not concerned about Kalapani because it is an area dominated by minority communities.

A local said that in 2015 the ambulance service was made available for the area but the ambulances are just standing outside the healthcare centre as there are no drivers and now, they have just turned into junk.

The hospital caters not just to the 20 twenty nearby villages with a population of about one lakh but people of other villages too are dependent on this hospital. Around seven to eight lakhs people of nearby areas also come to this hospital due to lack of proper healthcare facilities in the area. The locals have requested the state's health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma to look into the matter and to ensure development of the hospital as soon as possible with better health facilities, doctors and nurses, ambulance driver, medical equipment and necessary medicines so that people of the area can get better medical treatment in the hospital in times of emergency.

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