Manipur Government Acts on Renaming of Sacred Hill to "Kuki Army Camp"

The action by the Kuki group could lead to more violence amid the ethnic tensions between the Kuki tribes and the Meiteis
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GUWAHATI: the Manipur government is taking action against a Kuki insurgent group for renaming a sacred hill of the Meitei community and claiming it as their “camp”.

The action by the Kuki group could lead to more violence amid the ethnic tensions between the Kuki tribes and the Meiteis.

The Kuki National Front – Military Council, also known as the “Kuki Army”, installed a signboard at the base of the Thangjing ching (hill) calling it “Thangting camp” of the “Kuki Army”.

The Meitei community from Moirang town regularly visits Thangjing ching, believed to be the dwelling place of the deity Ibudhou Thangjing, for pilgrimage.

They consider the site to be ancient, dating back at least 2,000 years. The hill range, known as Thangting by the tribes, is located in the Churachandpur district.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh announced on social media that the state government has taken legal action against the Kuki armed group for renaming the area, which is a protected site.

CM Singh also stated that this renaming also violates the Manipur Names of Places Act, 2024.

The tweet read, “Immediately taken up measures to book any group or individuals involved in changing any existing names without the approval of the government. Under the Manipur Names of Places Act, 2024 a case has also been registered for changing Thangjing ching, which is also a protected site, to Thangting.”

The Thangjing ching range is situated between Moirang toen and Churachandpur district, approximately 40 km apart. The ethnic violence that began on Many 3, 2023, originated in Churachandpur and its surrounding areas.

Sources within the Manipur government expressed concern over the Kuki insurgent group’s recent actions, particularly their installation of a signboard claiming the hill as the “camp” of the “Kuki Army”.

The state government plans to inform the central government about the escalation by the armed group and discuss possible courses of action.


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