Manipur: State Govt Labels 'Friday Holiday' Call by Student Body as 'Totally Illegal'

The Manipur government condemns a notice by the Joint Student's Body that seeks every Friday as a holiday in Churachandpur.
Manipur: State Govt Labels 'Friday Holiday' Call by Student Body as 'Totally Illegal'

IMPHAL: The Manipur government has issued a response to the notice by the Churachandpur-based Joint Student's Body (JSB), which called for the declaration of every Friday as a holiday for government offices and educational institutions in the southern district. The government has deemed the call as "totally illegal."

Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi released a statement on October 27, in which he addressed the issue, stating that a "deliberate attempt of renaming institutions and places had been made along with public declaration for adoption of resolution for observing every Friday as a holiday by institutions of Government of Manipur, including the offices of DCs/SPs/ ZEO/ADCs/government schools and colleges in the town of Churachandpur, which is totally illegal."

The state government has taken proactive measures to prevent any untoward incidents, implementing a robust mechanism to address the situation effectively.

The statement highlighted the seriousness of spreading messages and public notices that pose a threat to communal harmony, peaceful coexistence, internal and national security. The government has expressed its concern over such activities and urged the public not to rely on the illegally generated posts and to avoid any unwarranted acts or violence.

In a previous statement dated October 26, the Joint Student's Body (JSB) emphasized their commitment to maintaining an education-friendly environment even in challenging times. They adopted a resolution on August 18, calling for all government institutions in Manipur, from DC/SP to others, to observe Fridays as holidays. However, this call has been met with the Manipur government's assertion that such an action is against the law and could disrupt the peace and security of the region.

The JSB statement from October 26 read "We are committed to the continuation and improvement of an education-friendly environment in our living space, even in this difficult times. In order to make the government hear..., the JSB had adopted a resolution on August 18... for all institutions of Government of Manipur starting from DC/SP... to observe Friday as a holiday."

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