Dawki River in Meghalaya, Known for its Clear, Transparent Water and Divine Natural Beauty

The Dawki River situated in Shillong is popular for its stunning view of natural beauty and considered as the cleanest river in the country
Dawki River in Meghalaya, Known for its Clear, Transparent Water and Divine Natural Beauty

The Dawki River in Shillong, the wonder of the Northeast is well-known because of its mesmerizing beauty that surrounds the place and looks just like a paradise for a nature lover.

The river is called Wah Umngot flows in the village Mawlynnong, Dawki at the bottom of the Jaintia Hills and is very closely attached to the border of India and Bangladesh, it is 100 kilometre from Shillong located in Meghalaya. Dawki is a small town and is considered one of the cleanest rivers in India with sustainable tourism. The place Meghalaya itself is filled with natural beauty which includes beautiful waterfalls, multiple lakes and forests that are really majestic, pine-covered stunning hills, abundant green trees.

The Dawki River is the river clear as crystal where one could also experience twittering birds and fluttering butterflies with colourful stones in the river. It has become the most visited tourist place as people from all over the world visits the Dawki River to enjoy and experience the heavenly beauty of nature. The state of Meghalaya is also a place of the rich cultural and traditional heritage of tribes like Khasi and Garo Jaintia along with scenic natural beauty. The water in the Dawki River is so clear and transparent that the surface looks like crystal glass making the fishes, snakes inside the river visible and the boats in the river seems to float on the water and in the air sometimes creates an illusion.

In a tweet by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, the ministry mentioned the Umngot River i.e. Dawki River as the cleanest river in the country. It has also appreciated the people of Meghalaya for maintaining cleanliness resulting in a beautiful appearance of the river and wished that all the rivers in India could be as clean as the Dawki River. The village Mawlynnong where the Dawki River is located in Asia's cleanest village and the river is a natural division between the hills of Khasi and Jaintia.

In the month of April 2021 a 210 MW hydroelectric project has been proposed which was opposed by the people of Meghalaya through various protests. Vice president M. Venkaiah on 4th October laid the foundation for a road project of 64.21km on Shillong-Dawki road which will connect Shillong and Bangladesh for the growth in trade and commerce between the two countries.

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