Meghalaya Cabinet Sets New Age Limits for Recruitment in Key Departments

Meghalaya Cabinet revises age limits for physically demanding roles in police, home guards, ERTS, and forest departments.
Meghalaya Cabinet Sets New Age Limits for Recruitment in Key Departments

SHILLONG: In a significant decision, the Meghalaya cabinet has opted to lower the upper age limit for recruitment in four crucial departments where physical stamina and vigor are prerequisites. The affected departments are the Police Department, Home Guards and Civil Defence Department, Excise Registration Taxation and Stamps (ERTS) Department, and Forest and Environment Department.

Cabinet Minister Paul Lyngdoh revealed that the minimum age for these positions ranges from 18 to 21 years, while the upper age limit has been adjusted by the cabinet. In the case of the ERTS Department, the upper age limit is fixed at 27 years, while for the Home Guards and Civil Defence Department, it is set at 32 years. The Forest and Environment Department will consider candidates aged between 30 and 32 years, and the Police Department has a range from 21 to 27 years.

Lyngdoh also announced that the state government intends to release advertisements for various positions in these departments within the next two to three weeks. The upcoming recruitment drive is expected to open up over 3,000 positions across various categories in the Police Department, with an additional 500 positions available in the Home Guards and Civil Defence Department.

This move by the Meghalaya Cabinet aims to ensure that individuals selected for roles requiring physical prowess are within an age bracket that aligns with the demands of the job. It reflects a proactive approach to recruitment, emphasizing the need for candidates who can meet the strenuous requirements of these vital departments.

The forthcoming recruitment drive is expected to bring a wave of opportunities for job seekers in Meghalaya, providing them with the chance to contribute to the state's safety, taxation, and environmental conservation efforts. As the government prepares for the upcoming recruitment process, aspiring candidates are eagerly awaiting the detailed job advertisements to be released in the coming weeks.

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