Meghalaya: Jal Jeevan Mission Gains Momentum; Over 73% of Households Connected to Tap Water Supply

PHE Minister Marcuise Marak reports progress in Meghalaya's Jal Jeevan Mission, aiming for 100% coverage by March.
Meghalaya: Jal Jeevan Mission Gains Momentum; Over 73% of Households Connected to Tap Water Supply

SHILLONG: In a significant stride towards achieving the objectives of the Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme in Meghalaya, PHE Minister Marcuise Marak announced that out of the 6,51,412 targeted households, 4,80,039 households are now successfully connected to tap water supply. Marak expressed optimism, setting a goal for 100 percent implementation by March of this year.

Acknowledging challenges faced during the implementation, particularly in the Khasi Hills Region, Marak highlighted land disputes that initially hindered project setup. Resistance from landowners, especially regarding tank construction, and opposition to certain dams posed obstacles. However, the minister reassured that these issues have been resolved, though some projects are still facing delays.

The Khasi Hills Region also faced power connection obstacles, primarily impacting pumping projects in Jaintia and East Khasi Hills. Marak plans to address this issue with the chief minister, emphasizing the need for collaboration with MeECL. Delays in power connections arise from the necessity of materials like poles and wires in remote locations, despite payment for the connections.

In a recent meeting with the commissioner secretary, Marak discussed project updates from sub-divisions, intending to present them to the chief minister. Responding to complaints about taps lacking water supply, Marak clarified that pipes are laid only after water reaches the treatment plant. "From the plant, it goes to the reservoir where the distribution of pipes is made to the households," explained Marak.

Highlighting future plans, the department secured a sanction for the Bulk Water Supply Scheme, a Rs 100 crore project set to commence in two years. Ganol has been identified as the water source for this significant project, aiming to further enhance water supply infrastructure in the region.

As Meghalaya continues to make strides in water supply connectivity, the focus remains on overcoming challenges and ensuring the successful implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme to benefit the residents of the state.

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