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Meghalaya: Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council to Receive INR 200 Crore Grant from Centre

KHADC in Meghalaya to benefit from INR 200 crore grant under 15th Finance Commission, with additional funds from royalties and taxes.

Meghalaya: Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council to Receive INR 200 Crore Grant from Centre

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SHILLONG: The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) in the picturesque state of Meghalaya is poised to receive a substantial grant of INR 200 crore from the Central government. This financial allocation has been specifically earmarked for the council through the 15th Finance Commission, encompassing both tied and untied grants. The timing of this grant's release by the Centre is of particular note, as it is expected to materialize just before the Durga Puja holidays, providing a timely boost to the region.

This momentous announcement was made by Pyniaid Sing Syiem, the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the KHADC in Meghalaya, during a recent press conference on Wednesday, September 27. The revelation of this generous grant signifies a significant development for the region, as it will undoubtedly bolster various initiatives and projects within the purview of the KHADC.

Furthermore, the Meghalaya state government has also demonstrated its commitment to the KHADC by disbursing a substantial sum of INR 14 crore. This sum represents the council's rightful share of royalties generated from minor mineral extraction within the region. The infusion of these funds serves as a testament to the cooperative efforts between the state government and the KHADC to foster sustainable development and welfare programs for the local population.

Moreover, Pyniaid Sing Syiem, the CEM of KHADC in Meghalaya, expressed optimism about additional financial inflows. The council anticipates receiving an additional INR 30 crore, which will be derived from various sources, including taxes collected by the Transport department and royalties accrued from major mineral extraction activities. These supplementary funds will further empower the KHADC to execute its diverse range of projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for the citizens residing in the Khasi Hills Autonomous District.

The INR 200 crore grant from the Central government marks a crucial infusion of funds into the KHADC's coffers. This financial support, strategically provided through the 15th Finance Commission, signifies the government's recognition of the council's pivotal role in the development and governance of the region. The tied and untied grants, part of this allocation, are expected to be deployed strategically to address key developmental priorities within the Khasi Hills Autonomous District.

As the grant release aligns with the festive season, it holds the promise of bringing renewed hope and enthusiasm to the local populace. The Durga Puja holidays are a time of celebration and reflection, and the timely financial support from the Central government is poised to amplify the festive spirit by enabling the implementation of projects that directly benefit the community.

The Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council in Meghalaya is on the verge of a significant financial boost, with the Central government earmarking INR 200 crore through the 15th Finance Commission. The grant, comprising tied and untied funds, will play a pivotal role in advancing development and welfare programs within the region. With additional contributions from royalties and taxes, the KHADC is poised to make substantial strides in improving the quality of life for its constituents. This injection of funds is not just a financial transaction but a symbol of collaborative governance aimed at uplifting the Khasi Hills Autonomous District and its people.

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