Meghalaya : Umiam Dam Rehabilitation Underway to Extend Lifespan by 35-40 Years

Government Initiative Addresses Safety Concerns with Strategic Rehabilitation Efforts
Meghalaya : Umiam Dam Rehabilitation Underway to Extend Lifespan by 35-40 Years

MEGHALAYA: Built in 1965, the Meghalaya Umiam Dam is currently undergoing rehabilitation efforts to extend its longevity by 35-40 years The government’s proactive response to safety concerns led to the rehabilitation work being carried out in December year last season, which began with the replacement of the well bearings this past Sunday.

Sanjay Goyal who is the CMD at the Meghalaya Energy Corporation Limited (MeECL), stated his viewpoints on careful steps in the ongoing efforts. The process of maintenance prioritizes accuracy without anticipating traffic disruption, emphasizing the need for careful study and application.

The current phase of the refurbishment involves opening the expansion joints and installing jacks to raise the structure by 5 to 10 millimetres, ensuring stability standards are met Scheduled completion date is dated June, but efforts are underway to accelerate the project, which could potentially be completed by May .

MeECL deployed experts from IIT Guwahati for technical guidance and stressed their commitment to ensure quality and safety throughout the preparation process. The partnership reflects a significant investment in the region’s infrastructure and defence.

Traffic is essentially restricted on the bridge from December-January due to maintenance work, ensuring the safety of passengers while necessary repairs are being carried out.

The recovery efforts outline the government’s approach to addressing safety concerns and prolonging the life of critical infrastructure. Through technical expertise and careful planning, Meghalaya aims to safeguard the structural integrity of the Umiam Dam in the coming decades, ensuring the continued development of the region and security In summary, the rehabilitation of the Umiam Dam represents an important step towards strengthening resilience infrastructure and protecting public safety in Meghalaya.

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