Mukul Sangma Is Concerned About The State's Budget, Lashes Out At MDA Government

Mukul Sangma questioned the MDA government about the vacant posts still lying empty inspite of having a proper budget
Mukul Sangma Is Concerned About The State's Budget, Lashes Out At MDA Government

MEGHALAYA : Leader of the opposition party, Mukul Sangma lashed out at the present government regarding their laid back and hesitant attitude to fill up the vacant positions. He charged the current ministry by asking about the position of the sanctioned money for various posts in Meghalaya.

Mukul Sangma was present in an interview, few days ago in a village of Rondupara under Phulbari in West Garo Hills, where he questioned the government and asked for an elaboration of their priorities. In the interview, Sangma was asked about the job vacancies still available in several departments that were not filled up despite the fact that this particular area was to be taken care of by the government.

Mukul Sangma further explained that, if a budget is being passed it indicates availability of funds. The main concern here is that, the sanctioned posts are kept a priority while preparing the budget. So if the posts are still lying vacant, then where is the money going?

Sangma further stated that inspite of having the budget already in hand, the government has still not taken any action against it. Sangma also mentioned that, the government cannot fabricate this issue by saying that the posts are vacant because of lack of money as the budget has already been passed.

Mukul Sangma alleged that the MDA government might have other priorities set rather than the interest of the state and it's people. He was curious to know where exactly the resources are flowing. Sangma also gave the example of Lahkmen Rymbui, when he said that the police department of the state is a victim of human resource shortage.

Thousands of posts are still lying vacant in this crucial department inspite of interviews and physical exams that happened more than 3 years ago. The examination results are still not revealed and the government has already done the budgeting for these posts, said Mukul Sangma. He is concerned about the consequences against this behaviour of the government.

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