Mizoram Police and Forest Department Rescue 49 Exotic Animals Worth Rs 68.40 Lakh

Mizoram authorities, in a joint effort, thwart a smuggling attempt, rescuing 49 exotic animals and birds near the India-Myanmar border.
Mizoram Police and Forest Department Rescue 49 Exotic Animals Worth Rs 68.40 Lakh

AIZAWL: In a decisive operation conducted by the Mizoram Police and Champhai Forest Department, a total of 49 exotic animals and birds, suspected to have been smuggled from the India-Myanmar border, were successfully seized and rescued in Champhai district. The operation, carried out in collaboration with the Assam Rifles and the Forest Department, led to the apprehension of two individuals, Vachonia from Tuipang Siaha district, and Vanlalthlana from Zemabawk Aizawl.

The joint team, acting on specific intelligence, discovered the exotic animals and birds concealed inside iron cages and plastic baskets. The smuggling route traced from the India-Myanmar border on the Aizawl side indicated a well-organized operation to transport the animals discreetly.

The rescued animals, valued at Rs 68.40 lakh, comprised 10 Solomon Cockatoos, 2 Posque’s Parrots, 9 Turtles, 10 Snakes, 16 Lizards, and 2 Marmoset Monkeys. The diversity and rarity of the species emphasized the importance of curbing illegal wildlife trade, protecting endangered species, and preserving biodiversity.

The seized consignment and the arrested individuals, Vachonia and Vanlalthlana, have been handed over to the Forest Department, Champhai, for further legal proceedings. This successful operation not only highlights the dedication of law enforcement and wildlife conservation authorities but also serves as a stern warning against those involved in the illicit trade of exotic animals.

The Mizoram Police and Forest Department expressed their commitment to combating wildlife trafficking and ensuring the well-being of these rescued creatures. The authorities emphasized the need for ongoing efforts to strengthen border surveillance and intelligence networks to curb such illegal activities.

This incident underscores the global concern surrounding wildlife trafficking, which poses a significant threat to various species. The successful interception in Mizoram serves as a beacon of hope for wildlife protection efforts, sending a clear message that authorities are vigilant and committed to thwarting illicit activities that endanger our planet's biodiversity.

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