Mizoram: Pro-Democracy Forces Clash with Myanmar Soldiers; 30 Surrendered

Mizoram: Pro-Democracy Forces Clash with Myanmar Soldiers; 30 Surrendered

In a fierce clash, 30 Myanmar soldiers surrendered in Mizoram after pro-democracy forces captured their camp, leading to a safe deportation operation.

AIZAWL: In a significant turn of events, pro-democracy forces engaged in a fierce clash with Myanmar soldiers, resulting in the surrender of 30 military personnel in Laki village, Siaha district. The confrontation unfolded on Monday when these forces overran and seized the Myanmar army camp at Lailenpi, prompting the soldiers to seek refuge in Mizoram for their safety.

The surrendered soldiers, along with their weapons and ammunition, were taken into custody by Tipa Assam Rifles and Tipa police on Wednesday morning. The operation to ensure the safe deportation of these soldiers was led by the Siaha District Commissioner (DC) and Superintendent of Police (SP). Indian Army helicopters played a pivotal role in transporting the surrendered soldiers to Moreh in Manipur.

The airlift took place in two separate trips, with 15 soldiers each, at 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM on Wednesday. Upon reaching Moreh, the soldiers are scheduled to be further transported to Tamu, Myanmar. This marks the latest development in a series of incidents where Myanmar army personnel have sought refuge in Mizoram following clashes with local militia groups.

This operation brings the total number of Myanmar soldiers airlifted from Mizoram to Manipur to 104. In previous incidents, 29 Myanmarese soldiers and 45 Myanmar army personnel were repatriated after militia groups overran their camps in armed clashes. Upon entering Mizoram, these soldiers were received by the Assam Rifles and state police, remaining in custody until their safe repatriation to Myanmar.

The ongoing clashes highlight the complex situation in Myanmar, with pro-democracy forces challenging the military junta. The international community closely watches as these events unfold, emphasizing the need for a peaceful resolution to the political crisis in the region.

The surrender of 30 Myanmar soldiers in Mizoram reflects the escalating tensions and the challenges faced by both military and pro-democracy forces. The safe deportation operation underscores the collaborative efforts between Indian authorities and local agencies to navigate the complex dynamics in the region.


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