Mizoram: Two Burglars Arrested in Aizawl for Repeated Crimes

Two individuals in Aizawl, identified as Vohbik Malsawmdawngzela (23) and Malsawmdawngkima (33), have been apprehended by local authorities for their involvement in a string of burglaries.
Mizoram: Two Burglars Arrested in Aizawl for Repeated Crimes

AIZAWL: Two suspects were apprehended in Aizawl by law enforcement officials following a burglary bust in the city. The suspects are Vohbik Malsawmdawngzela (23) and Malsawmdawngkima (33), who are under investigation over their association with organized theft activities. The national Superintendent of Police in Aizawl, Rahool Alwal, disclosed this to the media yesterday, saying that both the accused had confessed to their involvement in the crimes following thorough interrogations.

Malsawmdawngzela was arrested for stealing twice a month over several months, accruing stolen goods worth more than Rs. 9.6 lakh, and he has at least seven victims. In this particular theft, he made away with Rs. 5 lakh of cash from a resident in the Zemabawk Middle School locality last November. On the other side, Malsawmdawngkima has been implicated in burgling activities within the Government Secretariat complex, where he stole money and items worth Rs. 48,875 between June 2023 and April 2024.

Moreover, Authorities stated that aside from their criminal activities, they have drug issues. It was revealed that the funds from the burglaries were often used to fuel their drug habits, which is clearly the interplay of the heroin offense and criminality. Following their arrests, law enforcement officers were able to recover suspected stolen properties, cash, and foreign currency notes from both the accused. SP Alwal cautioned the community against buying suspicious items, saying that the possession of such an item would attract legal repercussions.

In light of these developments, SP Alwal urged households to be more protective of their security by installing CCTV cameras in order to deter theft and help in the apprehension of the thieves. The arrest of these two individuals is also a caution for members of society to be vigilant and cooperative in countering crime and safeguarding their homes and belongings.


Mizoram: Two Burglars Arrested in Aizawl for Repeated Crimes
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