Nagaland Government Cracks Down on Illegal Money Collections

State authorities enforce strict measures against unauthorized financial activities on highways and marketplaces.
Nagaland Government Cracks Down on Illegal Money Collections

DIMAPUR: In a decisive move to curb unauthorized financial activities the Nagaland government has announced a ban on illegal collections of money by unions, NGOs associations and other private and community organizations on state and national highways. This ban also extends to marketplaces across state. An official release on Tuesday confirmed this measure. It is aimed at eliminating unauthorized financial demands.

The state government emphasized that anyone found participating in such illegal activities would face prosecution. This would be under Sections 188 and 384 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Section 188 pertains to disobedience to an order duly promulgated by a public servant and Section 384 deals with punishment for extortion.

The Nagaland home department highlighted that the state government has issued repeated instructions to prevent unauthorized money collections. These collections have taken various forms. They include taxes membership fees contributions donations charges levies and tolls. Despite these instructions, illegal financial demands have persisted. This necessitated more stringent enforcement.

The home department referenced a prior order dated May 31 2012. This initially banned such illegal collections. Additionally it pointed to notification dated May 19, 2022. This explicitly prohibited the erection and operation of intra-state check gates. It also banned any unauthorized collections at inter-state check gates by association group, or private individuals.

To ensure compliance with these orders the department has directed district administration. Police authorities must rigorously enforce the ban. This aims to create a more regulated and lawful environment. Ensuring that financial activities within the state’s transportation and commercial hubs are conducted transparently and legally is vital.

This crackdown is expected to relieve commuters and help the traders. They have been adversely affected by these unauthorized financial demands. The government’s firm stance reflects its commitment to maintaining order. It aims to protect the rights of its citizens against unlawful practices.


Nagaland Government Cracks Down on Illegal Money Collections
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