Fomenting Factionalism

Defectors are back in favor, and the effort by political parties is to foment factionalism and get them to switch… Read More

13 hours ago

Funding Navy’s warship projects

Captain (retd) Joyjayanta Saharia (Formerly of the Indian Navy, the author can be reached at email: jsaharia@rediffmail.com) Not all nations… Read More

14 hours ago

Decline of government schools

Jyotirmoy Sarma (The author can be reached at jyotigunu2016@gmail.com and phone: 8638382413) All over the world in every field of… Read More

14 hours ago

Grassroots Cricket

The Assam Cricket Association (ACA) recently declared its plans and programmes for the betterment of the game in the State.… Read More

14 hours ago

Evicting the encroachers

Sunday’s edition of this newspaper, on the front page has a very important news story which says that over 5,46,000… Read More

2 days ago

Indian Economy Fault finding or fact-finding?

Dr B K Mukhopadhyay (The author, a noted management economist and an international commentator on ongoing business and economic affairs,… Read More

2 days ago

Minorities may help Mamata in the poll

Amitava Mukherjee (The author is a senior journalist and commentator. He can be reached at amitavamukherjee253@gmail.com) Asaduddin Owaisi, the president… Read More

2 days ago

Degrading own Nation

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, who has the habit of insulting his own country in global flora, is back in the… Read More

2 days ago

Democracy or ‘Mobocracy’?

Convicted culprits should necessarily be hanged to death, if the crime demands so, but it needs to be acted upon… Read More

2 days ago

Healthcare in tea gardens

Healthcare facilities in the 800-odd tea estates across Assam has always remained a major issue, with labour unions, NGOs and… Read More

3 days ago

Securing rights by performing duties

Partha Pratim Mazumder (The author can be reached at phone: 9706630579) “Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity… Read More

3 days ago

Diplomats can do with better home connectivity

D.C. Pathak (The writer is a former Director, Intelligence Bureau) Diplomacy primarily is an instrument for advancing the cause of… Read More

3 days ago