Why do retired CMs and police officials need securty?

To run an institution or any department, the system is indispensible rather than an individual. Individual may come and go, but if a proper system is in place then everything would function normally and effectively. An organization or department more often than not fails to perform if it has no system in place. The State government’s Home department and higher police officials are responsible to frame policy to maintain law and order in the State.  The policies are the cornerstones to make the State a safer place to live in for everybody. If the people concerned did not do anything worthwhile towards maintaining law and order during their tenure in office, then they have no right to ask for extra security for themselves citing security threats.

A local daily recently revealed the fact that a few ex-DGPs and other retired police officials are engaging 141 numbers of police personnel for their persol use. And out of that total number 41, 20 and 11 are being engaged by Khagen Sarma, GM Srivastav and Dilip Bora respectively. Now the question does arise automatically — how many were engaged by them when the above officials were in office? And those apart, it would definitely be mindboggling if the figures are put in public domain to highlight, how many of the present incumbents of the following desigtions — DGP, ADGP, IGP, DIG, SSP, SP and DSP have been engaging police personnel for their persol use. Keeping the above in view, we can very well state that the police are for them, of them and by them. As such no police force is to look after law and order and traffic control in the State. The above class of people is enjoying seven-star life style at public cost. A balance sheet is required to be prepared against services provided vis-à-vis perks availed of by the higher-ups! Filly, I want to ask why ex-CMs and ex- police officials ask for persol security after they demit office. I would like to ask them why they are in such worry. I would rather suggest they should not remain aloof from society. Try to live like a common man! Enjoy the last leg of life to the fullest! I am for sure nobody would harm you! Engage cook and driver from your own pocket, since you have earned enough in your service life!! Don’t burden the public. Mind it, we are a poor state.

Deepak Majumder,