Assam: Final electoral rolls published across state

The final voter list of Golaghat district was released in the presence of all the national and state level political parties of the district under the chairmanship of Golaghat District Commissioner Dr P Uday Praveen in the DC’s conference hall on Thursday.
Assam: Final electoral rolls published across state

GOLAGHAT: The final voter list of Golaghat district was released in the presence of all the national and state level political parties of the district under the chairmanship of Golaghat District Commissioner Dr P Uday Praveen in the DC’s conference hall on Thursday. According to the tentative list, a total of 20,291 new voters have been included across the district with the inclusion of 4821 voters in Golaghat constituency, 3862 in Dergaon constituency, 3449 in Bokakhat constituency, 4181 in Khumtai constituency and 3978 in Sarupathar constituency.

With this, the names of 6304 voters in Golaghat constituency, 6064 in Dergaon constituency, 4869 in Bokakhat constituency, 5549 in Khumtai constituency and 3252 in Sarupathar constituency have been deleted in the entire process. At the end of the entire process, 2,00,429 voters have been included in Golaghat constituency, 1,72,278 in Dergaon constituency, 1,57,247 in Bokakhat constituency, 1,64,148 in Khumtai constituency and 1,92,150 in Sarupathar constituency. Any objections of the public regarding this list may be conveyed to the office of the District Commissioner, the concerned Circle Officer’s Office or their respective BLOs.

Applications for inclusion, deduction, correction, transfer, etc. of the voter’s name in the list can be submitted through a particular BLO or on the designated website or through the Voter Helpline Mobile App in the coming days. Along with this, names can be checked by going to or in the electoral roll. The Commissioner sought the cooperation of all the people and journalists in this entire process.

Additional Commissioner Damodar Barman, Election Officer Hrishikesh Baruah Representatives of various political parties, journalists as well as officers and employees of the district administration were present in the meeting.

SIVASAGAR: The final electoral roll was released in line with the brief revision of the electoral rolls of the newly formed No. 95 Demow Assembly Constituency and No. 96 Sivasagar Assembly Constituency under Sivasagar electoral district in an all-party meeting chaired by the District Commissioner and District Election Officer Aditya Vikram Yadav at the Sukafa Conference Hall of the Sivasagar District Commissioner’s office on Thursday.

The total number of voters in Sivasagar election district is 3,83,922. Of these, 1,90,098 were males, 1,93,824 were females and the number of third gender voter is 1.

The number of male voters in No. 95 Demow Assembly Constituency is 86,968, while the number of female voters is 87,396. In No. 96 Sivasagar Assembly Constituency, 1,02,772 are male elctors, while the number of female electors is 1,04,832 and the number of third gender voter is 1.

It may be noted that a total of 3,659 new voters including specially-abled voters have been included in the electoral roll this year. Further, in view of the preparation of transparent and fair electoral rolls, the number of deceased voters whose names were deleted from the electoral roll this year is 8,850 and those sought permanent transfer were also transferred. The event was also attended by Addistional District Commissioner (Election) Geetalee Dowarah, Election Officer Sugata Siddhartha Goswami, Sivasagar Revenue Circle Officer Samujjwal Borah, representatives of various political parties and media persons.

NAGAON: As per the directive of the Election Commission of India, the final electoral rolls for 55 Dhing, 56 Rupahihat, 58 Samaguri, 59 Barhampur, 60 Nagaon-Batadroba and 61 Raha LACs under Nagaon election district, have been published in connection with special summary revision of electoral rolls, 2023-24. The names of 13,12,144 electors among which 6,57,768 males and 6,54,298 females in those six LACs, have been enrolled in the new electoral rolls published on Thursday.

PATHSALA: The District Commissioner of Bajali Mridul Kumar Das briefed the media on the draft publication of the electoral roll of Bajali district on Thursday. As per the final elector rolls of special summary revision released on Thursday in Bajali district there are two constituencies i.e. 26 No Bajali and No 21 Bhawanipur- Sorbhog constituency. In 21 no Bhawanipur, out of total 209493 electors, 105557 are male and 103931 are female electors including 5 third genders while in 26 No Bajali constituency out of 161432 electors, 81182 are male electors and 80249 female electors including 1 third gender.

There is an overall increase of 2809 (0.76%) electors in the final electoral roll. The gender ratio of the electoral roll is 987 against 1000 male electors whereas the population, gender ratio in the election district is 976. The Elector-population ratio as per the roll is 595 against a projected population of 622,680 for the year 2024. The photo coverage in the electoral roll is 100% and Epic Coverage is 100%.

The final published electoral roll will be available for inspection of public at the office of the District Election Officer, Bajali, at respective ERO offices, in the designated polling stations and with the concerned BLOs and also available in the website of Chief Electoral Officer. Assam and district website of Bajali District. The District Election Officer, Bajali, requests the people to go through the final electoral roll and check their names in the voter list.

Goalpara: The final voter list of the Goalpara district for the year 2024 was published on Thursday by the District Election Officer-cum-District Commissioner, Khanindra Choudhury at the DC conference hall in presence of representatives from political parties, journalists and other officers. The fresh voter list has significantly surpassed the male voters in numbers. According to the press statement, the total number of voter for the four constituencies of the district is 7,82,690.

Among them, the number of female voter  is 3,91,811 and number of male voter is 3,90,870. Nine third gender voters have also enlisted their names in the list. The Jaleswar constituency has 109656 female voters, the highest numbers. On the other hand, the district wise male female ratio is 1000:1002. The total number of polling centres, after the latest delimitation has stood to 910. Dr. Sailen Dutta Das, election officer, among many others was present on the occasion.

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