Meghalaya: Meghalaya Aims for $10 Billion Economy by 2028, Unveils Ambitious Development Plans

The announcement, made during the first day of the Assembly’s budget session of Meghalaya
Meghalaya: Meghalaya Aims for $10 Billion Economy by 2028, Unveils Ambitious Development Plans

MEGHALAYA : Meghalaya Governor P Chauhan recently unveiled the state government’s vision to move Meghalaya towards a US-dominated economy 10 billion dollars by 2028 nearly doubling its GDP. The announcement was made on the first day of the Assembly budget. It highlighted the key sectors such as power and infrastructure, water supply, economic development, information and technology, tourism and agriculture as drivers of economic growth policy.

The ground of this economic strategy is to rely on doubling the farmers’ income by strengthening value chains and thus taking an advantage of Meghalaya’s unique agricultural climatic conditions. Particularly it has rightly pioneered farm-to-table activities in high-value crops such as orange, pineapple, vegetables, spices, turmeric, ginger and honey which provided substantial support to farmers in terms of inputs, training and market availability.

In addition to that significant investments in livestock have been made in order to strengthen rural livelihoods and increase milk and meat production. Initiatives such as the "CM ELEVATE" program, which provides assistance of 50% of the cost goatery, piggery and poultry flocks to contribute to this noble effort. Other achievements in the health sector includes significant reduction in maternal mortality rate, routine immunization improvements that leads to a significant reduction in infant mortality rate, an alarming access to healthcare and by integrating solar energy to power public health infrastructure and other facilities that now runs entirely on solar energy.

In the sector of education an establishment of upcoming institutions and other such initiatives that is aimed at development of skills that underscore the government’s commitment towards human capital development. Other such initiative includes opening of Shillong Government College of Engineering talented youths are trained in employable skills through schemes like Skills Meghalaya. Along with that the state has also prioritized it's communication that includes connectivity and urban development in order to expand air transport facilities to develop new hill cities and to enhance the mobility.

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