Meghalaya: Meghalaya-Assam Forge Ahead in Border Talks Despite Election Uncertainty

Meghalaya and Assam vow to resolve border issues, Chief Ministers commit to ongoing talks despite potential election disruptions.
Meghalaya: Meghalaya-Assam Forge Ahead in Border Talks Despite Election Uncertainty

SHILLONG: In a resolute move towards resolving longstanding border disputes, Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma declared that discussions with Assam would persist through the second phase of talks. Addressing the media on Wednesday, Sangma acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the impending elections but assured that the dialogue would continue at its established pace.

"We don't know when the elections will be announced, but our talks will continue as per our pace. Of course, when elections are announced, it will become a bit of an inconvenience for everybody, but we will continue the process," Sangma asserted during the press briefing.

Highlighting the importance of both formal and informal dialogues in the negotiation process, Sangma revealed an informal discussion he had with Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma over breakfast the previous week. Emphasizing the need for discussions at both official and unofficial levels, Sangma stated, "We sit down together and really discuss the issues so the process is continuous. There are lots of informal discussions that are taking place without formal meetings. All these processes are continuing."

The border talks aim to address the remaining six areas of contention between the two states, fostering a collaborative approach to finding amicable solutions. Sangma's commitment to maintaining the momentum of the discussions, even in the face of potential election-related disruptions, underscores the importance attached to resolving these territorial disputes.

While the specific details of the ongoing talks remain undisclosed, Sangma's assurance signals a dedication to diplomatic efforts in securing a mutually agreeable resolution. The border disputes between Meghalaya and Assam have been a historical concern, and both Chief Ministers seem intent on pushing forward, navigating through the complexities with a combination of official meetings and informal exchanges.

As the neighboring states navigate the delicate terrain of border negotiations, the commitment to ongoing discussions is a positive development. The border talks' progression amid the looming uncertainty of elections reflects a shared determination to address historical grievances and establish a foundation for peaceful coexistence.

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