Mizoram: Major Drug Bust in Champhai; Heroin Worth Rs 1.75 Crore Seized, Three Arrested

Assam Rifles and Mizoram Police collaboratively apprehend two operations, confiscating heroin and making arrests in Champhai.
Mizoram: Major Drug Bust in Champhai; Heroin Worth Rs 1.75 Crore Seized, Three Arrested

KOHIMA: The joint efforts by Assam Rifles and Mizoram Police, in a major swoop on drug traffickers resulted in the confiscation of heroin to the tune of Rupees 1.75 crore at Champhai. The operations, which were independently carried out, led to the arrest of one couple and another Myanmar citizen for possessing the contraband according to an official statement from Assam Rifles.

During a combined operation near Melbuk road junction in Champhai district, 124 grams of heroin valued at Rs.86.8 lakh was confiscated by the authorities. This stuff was possessed by Kapneihchhawna (40) resident of Sadaw in Myanmar. In another simultaneous operation that took place at New Hruikawn in Zokhawthar on the Mizoram-Myanmar border, a man and his wife were nabbed with them having 127 grams amounting to Rs 88.9 lakh.

According to an Assam Rifles official, all the seized contraband and three persons apprehended were handed over forthwith to Zokhawthar police to take further legal actions against them on that same day.

Meanwhile, unrelated to the above-mentioned case, Assam Rifles personnel were involved in a different operation at Mualkawi (Champhai – Zokhathar Road), which led to some significant findings. It resulted in the recovery of three 12 mm Bore Guns (single and double barrel) with ammunition, eventually leading to the arrest of one suspect.

Assam Rifle­s and Mizoram Police are working togethe­r. They show commitment in addressing drug issue­s and ensuring safety in their jurisdiction. The­ success of their rece­nt operations shows how alert law enforce­ment agencies are­ in stopping the drug trade and kee­ping public order.

The Champhai district shares a borde­r with Myanmar. This makes it a key spot for authorities to fight against cross-borde­r crimes. The rece­nt success marks a significant step in the ongoing battle­ against drug smuggling. It shows how powerful teamwork can be among diffe­rent security authorities.

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