Mizoram: Mizoram Gears Up for General Elections with Increased Voter Turnout

Over 8.5 Lakh Voters Enthusiastically Engage in the Democratic Process
Mizoram: Mizoram Gears Up for General Elections with Increased Voter Turnout

MIZORAM: As the wait for the 18th Lok Sabha elections is on the progress, the state of Mizoram has released its voter figures, showing an increase in political participation. 1-Mizoram (ST) parliamentary constituency has 856,364 eligible voters, representing a remarkable increase from the previous Assembly elections

Voter turnout shows a balanced gender distribution, 441,559 female voters and 414,805 male voters are actively participating in the electoral process Aizawl emerges as the leader with 288,304 registered voters elections, followed closely by Lunglei with 100,700 votes. Hnahthial, by contrast, reports 16,223 voters.

Given these figures, the Mizoram electorate includes 4,963 service candidates, 3,397 Persons with Disabilities (PwD) candidates and 4,741 voters aged 85 years and above, reflecting the diversity of the voting population

One notable finding in the electoral comparisons shows a significant increase in voter participation. The total number of Lok Sabha voters is 856,364, an increase of 4,469 compared to the Assembly elections of 2023, where there were 851,895 registered voters This increase highlights the high level of political participation and interest among the people of Mizoram emphasize.

The high voter turnout shows that there is an enthusiastic acceptance of democratic rights and responsibilities among the citizens of Mizoram. With the preparations underway for the upcoming elections, the country is poised to witness a vibrant and robust democratic process reflecting the collective voice of its diverse electorate.

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