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Adopt stray animals, get loved in return: John Abraham


GUWAHATI, Nov 13: John Abraham is all set to promote the cause of saving stray animals in the streets of Assam in association with Purr Paws foundation, which works for animal welfare and rights. 
Speaking to this reporter, the Bollywood heartthrob said, “My love for animals is totally unconditional. Whenever and wherever I get a chance to prove my love to them, I do. Purr Paws foundation is doing a great job by taking this initiative to speak for those who can’t speak — the animals in the streets. It is my love for animals that has brought me to help them in this humane approach.”
“I am happy to announce that, during our upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) matches, we are going to hold up this campaign of Purr Paws with my team North East United Football Club (NEUFC). In recent times, I have had a very good and close relation with Assam and the whole of Northeast. During ISL it becomes my second home, so it will be my pleasure if I can do a little bit for stray animals here. I would also request everyone to stop buying animals and start adopting them. It gives immense pleasure,” he added.
John also said it is very sad to see most people often spending thousands of rupees for buying pets “with good pedigree”, which is really not necessary. People can be more than happy by adopting stray animals from the streets, and thereby receive more love in return. “It is cooler to adopt a stray instead of looking for high breed dogs, as very dark stories lie behind this dog business,” he pointed out.
Founder President of Purr Paws Radha Baroaah Panesar said, “We have a lot of programmes planned under Purr Paws. We need to sensitize a lot people, and tie up with certain national and international organizations that have relevant experience in this field. We will go for community outreach in certain schools and colleges.”
John Abraham further said that as Assam has been close to his heart due to his association with NEUFC, every year when floods strike the State, he feels bad about the suffering of the people, and also feels hurt when animals are stricken by raging floodwaters. He appealed to the people to spend some time with the animals, and said that money is not important to keep these animals but time is. 
It may be mentioned that John Abraham’s love for animals has made him name his mansion after his dog Belly as Belly’s Home, who he regards as his daughter. However, he also claims to have another such ‘daughter’, named Sia.