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What causes Joint Pain? Its symptoms, treatment, and home remedies

Sometimes joint pain can be very disturbing. It basically occurs with age but there are specific treatments for it. Read this article to know more.

Joint pain: Causes, symptoms, and remedies

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Joints are that portion of the body where the bones connect. With the help of it, the bones move. The joints in our body are shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees.

Joint pain is a kind of ache, soreness, and discomfort in any joint. It commonly occurs with age.

The most usual cause of joint pain is 'Arthritis'. But there exist various other reasons.

What are the causes?

There exist several factors of joint ache.

• Arthritis:

It is the most usual cause of joint pain. Arthritis has two forms: osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

OA affects the joints like the hands, wrist, hips, and knees.

OA commonly occurs in senior citizens while RA commonly occurs in women.

  1. Inflammation on the cushioning pads of the joints
  2. Lupus
  3. Gout
  4. Some infectious diseases.
  5. Breakdown of the cartilage in the kneecap
  6. Injuries
  7. Tendinitis
  8. Joint infection
  9. Bone Cancer
  10. Rickets
  11. Fibromyalgia
  12. Osteoporosis
  13. Sprains

What are the symptoms?

Sometimes joint pain can be very severe and you'll need a doctor if you witness some unexpected signs and symptoms. Some symptoms of joint pain are:

• Joint redness

• Swelling in joint

• Tender joints

• Warmth joints

• Limping

• Joint lock

• Loss of motion in joints

• Stiffness

• Weakness.

What are the treatments?

If you are having mild symptoms then they can be recovered with some rest and taking painkillers.

Doctors will also diagnose whether there is any swelling, redness, or any warmth in the joints.

Laboratory test:

Imaging will be performed to scan the issues in your joints like x-rays. Computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resource imaging (MRI), Ultrasound.

Here are some supplements for joint pain:

Pain killers:

you will just get relief from the pain but the inflammation will not be recovered.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs):

NSAIDs can help relieve both pain and inflammation.


Some creams and ointments can also decrease the ache.

Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs):

It is used to treat RA and it curbs the immune system to attack your joints.

Natural Home Remedies to cure joint pain:

Following are some home remedies that will get you relief from joint pain in a natural way:

Weight control:

Excess weight pressurizes your joints in the body, especially in the hips, knees, and feet portion. Weight reduction can help in mobility, reduce ache, and prevent injuries of the joints.


working out can helps to reduce joint pain. It helps to control your weight, increase the flexibility of joints, and makes your joint muscles stronger.

• Use Cold and hot therapy:

Heat therapy maybe by getting a hot water bath can reduce stiffness and ease your joints. On the other hand, cold therapy by putting ice or any chill gel will help you get rid of the pain and inflammations.

Healthy diet plans:

Avoid having high cholesterol food. Have food rich in vitamins and calcium like fruits and vegetables, turmeric, etc helps to have healthy bones.

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